Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 First Time Setup

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When setting up your it is critical that you select the correct time zone, otherwise you will need to restart the entire setup process over.

  • 1).Press Start.


  • 2.)Select "Warrior" Network.


  • 3.)Enter your StarID in the “identity box", the “Anonymous identity” box can be left empty. Scroll down to “Password” and enter your password in the password box. Press” Connect”.


  • 4.)The wireless will connect and stay connected. Press “Next” on the bottom right.


  • 5.)Select Central Time from the Select Time Zone dropdown menu, and if necessary adjust time to correct values. This should be correct automatically, but is sometimes a bit off. Press “Next” to continue.


  • 6.)Read the EULA then select the check box for license agreement and select “yes” for the error log data agreement. Press “Next”.


  • 7.)You must create a new Google Account. Press “No” to go to a screen where you can create an account.


  • 8.)Choose "Get an account".

Note: If you are choosing to create a new Google account proceed to step 9. If you choose to sign in with an existing Google account skip to step 18. Tab48.png

  • 9.)Enter in your first and last name then press the right arrow to continue.


  • 10.)Choose a username for your new Google account. Press the right arrow to continue.


  • 11.)Create a password for your new Google account and re-enter the same exact password. Select the right arrow.


  • 12.)Select set up recovery options.


  • 13.)Enter in a phone number or a backup email. Select the right arrow.


  • 14.)Uncheck the “Communication” box and select the right arrow to continue.


  • 15.)Select “I accept” to create the account.


  • 16.)Type the text that appears on your screen to authenticate your account, then select the right arrow. Saving the account may take a few moments.


  • 17.)Sign in with your full Google email address and password. Press the right arrow to continue.


  • 18.)Agree to the listed contracts by pressing “OK”.


  • 19.)Uncheck the box under COMMUNICATION. Press the right arrow to continue.


  • 20.)Select “not now” for the “Upgrade to Google+” and to the “Entertainment” screens.

Tab417.png Tab417.1.png

  • 21.)If not already entered automatically, enter in your first and last name, and select the right arrow.


  • 22.)Press “Skip”. You can create one if you like at a later time.


  • 23.)Press “Skip”. You can log in or create an account at a later time.


  • 24.)Enter in a name for your device and press finish.


  • 25.)After you click finish your tablet will open to the home screen. You should then install go to