Setting Up Microsoft Outlook - Non-WSU Personal Laptop Setup (PC)

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These are instructions on how to setup the Outlook application on a non-WSU laptop or desktop.


Once you have graduated you can still access your WSU email through Outlook with your "" address.

Setting Up The Account

If you try to create an Exchange Account by opening up Outlook the software will not let you. You will know if this happens because you will get a pop up window that looks like this:


You will have to manually set up your account through your computer and not through Outlook.

  • Go to your Start Menu -> click on Control Panel -> click on User Accounts -> click on the Mail icon ->>
  • Click on E-mail Accounts -> click on the NEW icon on the upper left side of the window -> click E-mail account and click on Next ->>
  • You should get a window asking permission to configure server settings. click Allow.
  • Put in your First and Last name -> insert your email address -> your password is going to be your Microsoft Office 365/computer log in password -> click on Next


  • The sync process might take several minutes. You will know when the process is finished when you get a pop up window asking you to restart your Outlook software. Click on Finish and go ahead and restart your Outlook. Outlook will start uploading you email. Depending on the number and size of your email it may take several more minutes for Outlook to completely update your inbox.