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About this article

This article includes information about the D2L Grader app for iOS devices. It is intended for WSU faculty.

What is D2L Grader?

D2L Grader is an iOS application that allows faculty to download submissions from the D2L Dropbox onto the tablet, take them offline, assess them anywhere, and load the feedback and assessments back into D2L once there is a network available.

D2L Grader requires an EduDentity account to support all of the annotation tools in the application. (Note: Your EduDentity account does not need to be your WSU email or login information. This is a separate account.)

Logging into D2L Grader

There are three ways to log into the D2L Assignment Grader application: with your D2L username and password, with an EduDentity account or in Demo Mode.

While it would seem intuitive to use the D2L username and password, creating and using an EduDentity account gives you more features and functions for assessment work. Creating an EduDentity account is quick, easy and free. The instructions for account creation are found in the Creating an EduDentity Account article.

To assess students in your course, log into the Assignment Grader using your EduDentity account. Your Brightspace courses will be listed in Assignment Grader. From here, you can download student submissions and assess away. Full instructions for loading assignments to your iPad and returning them to Brightspace are found at Synching your Brightspace classes with the Assignment Grader app. Instructions for doing assessments with the app can be found at Providing feedback with the D2L Assignment Grader app.

Demo Mode is a great place to experiment with the Assignment Grader before using it for actual assessment. To enter demo mode in Assignment Grader, click the Demo Mode link at the bottom of the log-in screen. (See the circle in the image at left.) Demo mode looks and acts like a real set of courses and submissions. You can make any changes and experiment with any features and options without affecting the content of any of your Brightspace courses.

Setting up D2L Grader

1. Download D2L Grader app from WSU Apps onto your iPad. (D2L Grader is an iOS application only. There is no Android version.)


2. Launch the app and, from the home screen, select Login with EduDentity. Enter the login information you created for your EduDentity account.


3. Once logged into your EduDentity account you will now need to link your D2L account to your EduDentity account. Select Add Linked Account.


4. You will then be prompted to enter your Learning Environment URL. This is the WSU D2L login page. Enter the URL and select connect.


5. This will bring you to the WSU D2L page. Log into D2L from this page.


6. This page will automatically close and the application will sync with your D2L courses and start loading your course’s Dropboxes. You are now ready to start grading. You will not have to repeat this linking process. Once your account is setup you can log into the application using your EduDentity account.

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