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This article provides an overview of Microsoft's OneDrive for Business cloud storage service. It is intended for both students and employees.

What's OneDrive for Business?

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is an industrial-strength, business-class file storage and management service built on Microsoft's SharePoint technology. OneDrive for Business is in the cloud, a geeky way of saying that your files are stored off campus on a Microsoft file server that you can access via the Internet. OneDrive for Business is an important component of Microsoft's new vision for business productivity and collaboration, anchored by their web services: Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Every WSU student and employee has a OneDrive for Business.


"OneDrive for Business" and "OneDrive" are two, separate cloud storage apps.

  • "OneDrive for Business" is included in your Office 365 Suite provided to you by WSU and provides you with 1T of cloud storage space.
  • "OneDrive" is a personal cloud storage application that you need to setup on your own for your personal use if you wish to use it.

The easiest way to compare OneDrive for Business to a personal OneDrive account is that the Office 365 OneDrive for Business offers more features and is mainly used for professional organizations, whereas regular OneDrive is mainly for personal use and has less features. WSU does not support a Personal OneDrive account.

Learn how to use OneDrive for Business

Fig 1. Typical OneDrive for Business documents screen
  • To see your storage metrics when you are in OneDrive for Business - under Settings, click on Site Settings/Site Collection Administration/Storage Metrics. You will see your storage space and total usage in the top right corner with details below.

OneDrive1 Settings.png

Additional OneDrive for Business features

  • All OneDrive for Business network servers are located in the continental United States
  • Integrated with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2013 (e.g., shows up on your device as a location to which you can save files)
  • Upload and access many common file types from multiple devices using your favorite web browser
  • Organize your cloud storage using your own folder structure
  • Share files and folders with others at WSU and beyond (Note: never store or share private data in OneDrive)
  • Sync your cloud files and folders to your Windows computer (Mac OS X synchronization coming soon)
  • iOS tablet apps for viewing, editing, and uploading your files

Co-Authoring in OneDrive

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