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Note: The Snipping Tool is being replaced by "Snip & Sketch" after Windows 10 Update 1809. See article on Snip & Sketch

"Snipping Tool is a program included in earlier versons of Windows . The Snipping Tool can be used to create partial or full-screen Screenshots.

Creating a Snippet for PC (Screenshot)

Select a Snip Option

Snippingtool new.png

After opening the Snipping Tool program, the above window will open. First, select one of the options under the "New" menu.

1. Free-form Snip: Select this option if you need to create a custom-shaped snippet.

2. Rectangular Snip: Creates a rectangular snippet. You can resize the rectangle to any size you want.

3. Window Snip: Creates a snippet of a window. Scroll over the window you want to create a snippet of until it is outlined. Then, click to create the snippet.

4. Full-Screen Snip: Select this option to create a snippet of the entire screen.

Create the Snippet


Click on "New," a faded overlay will appear on your screen. Click and drag the cursor over the area for which you would like to create a snippet, and lift off when you are satisfied with the selection. Your snippet is then opened in a new window, from which you can edit or save it.

Setting Snipping Tool Options

Snippingtool options.png

1. Selects the color for the outline of the snippet.

2. Includes the outline of the snippet in the final picture. Uncheck this box to remove the outline.

How to use delay option on Snipping tool

Delay Option

Creating a Screenshot for Mac

For Mac using the snipping tool is as easy as simultaneously pressing down the command, shift, and 4 keys. This will turn your mouse icon into the snipping tool. To take the screenshot you only need to drag the mouse over the part of the image you want to screenshot and, once you let go of the highlighted area, a screenshot PNG file will be saved onto the desktop of the Mac.