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About This Article

You are able to sync your files from your OneDrive for Business cloud storage to your laptop or desktop. You can sync all of your storage or do a selective sync which sync only the file/folders you choose. You must be careful and consider the amount of free space you have on your laptop or desktop when you are doing this.

What does the OneDrive sync client allow you to do?

• Create and save folders and documents between mobile devices and cloud.

• If you do not have internet access you will be able to take cloud documents with you and work offline.

Setting up the current version

Step 1. When signed into your office 365 account click on the upper left icon


Step 2. Click “OneDrive”


Step 3. In the lower left hand corner click “Get the OneDrive apps”


Step 4. On the right side of the page click “Download”

a. If you have already downloaded OneDrive and want the latest version, click “Reinstall”. A pop up will show up and you will have to enter your StarID


Step 5. Click on “Save File” and choose a location


Step 6. Once the new OneDrive sync client has been set up the cloud icon in the system tray will turn blue. Right-click the blue cloud and click on “Settings”.


Step 7. By clicking on the “Choose folders” option you can choose which folders you wish to sync.


Step 8. Choose the specific folders you want to sync. You will have access to these documents even when you do not have an internet connection.

a. In the picture shown, all folders are selected to sync.

b. Simply un-check a box to deselect folders or documents that you no longer want synced to your computer. Files will remain in the cloud with OneDrive.


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