Synching your Brightspace classes with the Assignment Grader app

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Intended Audience

WSU faculty using D2L Brightspace and wanting to assess student work on their tablet devices.


Finding your Brightspace class list

When you enter the Assignment Grader application, you will be presented a list of your classes. The list includes all of your Brightspace classes that are still marked as active within the Course Offering Information, so your list may include courses that have passed their closure date and are no longer accessible to students. If you wish to remove these past classes from the last, clear the Course is Active checkbox for the classes you no longer want displayed. (Refer to Activating a D2L Course for more information.)

There will be a header bar for each class marked as active in the Course Offering Information. (See the dark bars in the image.) The bar includes the name of the course and a small arrow on the right side that, when clicked, collapses and expands the course.

Under each course is a list of the dropboxes in the course. (The light colored bars in the image.) The contents of the dropbox bar are, from left to right, a download arrow to download submissions for assessment, the name of the assignment, a visual representation of the percentage of assignments that have been assessed, the number of assignments that have been submitted and the due date of the assignment.

Downloading student work for assessment

You can download student submissions by clicking the download arrow to the left of the assignment folder. (The assignment folder is essentially equivalent to a course dropbox.) Once the submissions are downloaded to the iPad, you can assess them as described in Providing feedback with the D2L Assignment Grader app.

Resynching feedback and grades into Brightspace

If you have assessed submissions offline or you are assessing online and just want to make sure your work is stored in the Brightspace course, you can manually sync your course by clicking the sync button in the Assignment Grader app.

The sync button is the circular arrow icon in the top right of the app window. (See the image above.) Clicking the sync button will cause all updates done in the application to be pushed to the Brightspace course and updates/additions made to the entries in the gradebook.

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