Synchronizing OneDrive for Business on Windows 7 Office 2010

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How to Sync OneDrive for Business on Windows 7 using Office 2010

Use your favorite web browser to open up your OneDrive for Business. Select the Sync button. Select Sync now. If you are using Chrome, select Launch application

Choose "Create a new account" If the Windows Firewall warning comes up just click on cancel or ok.


The info on the next screen will already be filled in. Click on "Finish".


Enter your full WSU email address. You do not need to enter a password here. After you enter your email address you will automatically be taken to another screen. If you get a Sharepoint warning just click on "no".


Click on "OK"


You need to wait at this screen until everything is setup.


Wait until this is finished setting up. Click on "Close"


Click on "Close" when finished.


This is what your "synced" directory will look like. It should be under "Documents" and named "OneDrive for Business".