Tagging artifacts in Brightspace ePortfolio

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Fig 1. Adding Tags to an ePortfolio artifact

About this article

This article includes a description of the tagging feature in the Brightspace ePortfolio Tool. It is intended for anyone in the WSU community who uses Brightspace ePortfolio.

What's an ePortfolio tag?

In the Brightspace ePortfolio Tool, tags are words you associate with an object in your portfolio to make it easier to find. You can use tags to search for items that you have added to your portfolio. Others can use your tags to search for items.

Multiple-word tags

To make a multiple-word tag, place double quotes around the entire phrase. For example, typing "winter project" makes the two words a single tag.

Private tags

To make a private tag that only you can see, type an @ symbol in front of the tag. For example, typing @draft adds a private @draft tag to an item that other users will not see when you share the item with them. To make a private multiple-word tag, put the at symbol before the quotation marks, for example: @"rough draft".

Adding a tag to an existing artifact

To add a tag to a reflection, link, or file you have added to your portfolio, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Brightspace and select ePortfolio
  2. Select the My Items tab at the top of the screen
  3. Select the down arrow icon to the right of the artifact and select Edit from the dropdown menu
  4. Add the desired tag in the Tags field (Fig 1_1) and then select the Add Tag button (Fig 1_2)
  5. Select the Save and Close button