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This article describes the process used by the WSU Registrar's Office and departments/programs to update course information prior to registration using the TCF Online application. It is intended for all WSU faculty and staff.

What's a TCF?

The Term Course Form (TCF) is a form used by the Registrar's Office to collect information about upcoming courses from academic departments and programs prior to registration each term. The Registrar's Office then uses that information to update the official course data that resides in the the Minnesota State Integrated Statewide Record System (ISRS), which in turn feeds the Minnesota State online course registration system that our students use to enroll in courses each term. If all goes well, students will see accurate information about the courses they are considering when it comes time for them to register. This includes who is teaching the course, when it's scheduled to meet, and how it's being delivered (e.g., classroom, online).

What's TCF Online?

TCF Online is an online version of the TCF that is accessible to department chairs and program directors. It replaces the old paper-and-pencil TCF and includes built-in workflow. Requests for changes to course information are submitted online and routed to the corresponding Dean for approval. The Registrar's Office monitors the workflow and transfers approved changes to ISRS. As you might imagine with as many course as WSU offers each term, this is a monumental task. TCF Online has improved the process, reduced error, and lightened the workload.

How Do Instructors Request Changes to Course Information?

Instructors need to go through their department chairs and program directors. Some changes can be made with the approval of the Dean only. For example, an instructor might want to add or change the text in the Special Message field. Other curricular changes need to be formally approved by A2C2 and possibly the Graduate Council. These changes require the submission of a A2C2 Notification Form and include:

  • Reduction in course number
  • Change in course title
  • Change in prerequisites
  • Change in instructional delivery method
  • Change in grading option
  • Change in course description
  • Change in course number within level
  • Change in hours or credits in an independent study course
  • Change in existing major, minor, option concentration, etc.

What About New Courses?

Proposing new courses is an entirely different kettle of fish. TCF Online is designed for requesting changes to existing courses.

An Example of TCF Online

Below is a copy of the TCF Online information for Larry Sallee's ACCT 221 course, delivered in spring 2012.

Tcfonline page1.jpg

Tcfonline page2.jpg

Tcfonline page3.jpg

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