Third-party integrations in Brightspace

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About third-party integrations

Third-party integrations are pieces of software that optionally become part of Brightspace but were created by vendors outside of D2L. They allow for the things like ebook usage, special types of note taking, polling, and more. If you have questions or are interested in using a Thord-party integration, contact TLT.

All of the available third-party integrations

There is a full list of the third-party Brightspace integrations on the Minnesota State Brightspace support site.

For further information on whom to contact at each of the vendors, refer to Brightspace integrations vendor list.

Brightspace integrations from D2L, Microsoft, and Respondus

Assignment Grader


Office 365



Respondus Lockdown Browser

Third-party integrations currently in Brightspace


Films on Demand Remote Plugin (ISF)

Hypothesis enables students to annotate online readings. Digital annotation offers new affordances, enabling students to respond to text using different media and empowering them to collaborate on understanding and developing ideas about their readings.


MH Campus/Connect (Legacy)

MH Connect - Deep Integration

MH Campus/Connect (Legacy


My Media (Browse, Search, Embed) - Kaltura Capture

MyLab and Mastering




SoftChalk Cloud

Tevera Academic

Tevera is designed to support field work as part of curricular activities. Teachers use Tevera to manage field placements, track hours and progress, deliver documents to the students, automate workflows, and track learning objectives.


TurnItIn Feedback Studio & Peermark

Video Assignment

Virtual Classroom


Other integrations in test or planned to be added



LinkedIn Learning

Poll Everywhere

Open Learning Initiative

Integrations that have been tried and NOT added to Brightspace


What other integrations are available?

Additional information

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