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About this article

This article provides an overview of the Trello application and step by step directions for creating a Trello account. This article also includes links for using Trello. This article is intended for all audiences.

What's Trello

Trello is a productivity application that can be downloaded from the App Store onto your tablet or accessed from any browser. Both methods require the user to create an account. Trello syncs and stores items on the cloud so all devices are up to date. Trello is a simple, flexible tool that can be used to organize daily tasks or manage large events or projects. The application allows you to create customized boards with lists that can be filled with specific tasks.

Tasks can be attached with:

  • Check-lists
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Comments

Trello can also be used for collaboration. Boards can be shared with other Trello users. Specific tasks can be assigned and a log of user activity is documented.

Trello overview.jpg

Creating a Trello Account

Trello Email .jpg

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Select the sign up button at the bottom of the screen and fill out the account information.

Step 3. Next go to your email and confirm your account by selecting the "Verify Address" button.

Step 4. Once your account is verified you will use this account to log into the application from the browser or tablet app.


The resources below are provided by Trello and include an introduction, overview of features and detailed step by step directions for creating your first board.

Getting Started

Introduction to Trello

Getting Started

Creating A Board


Adding Your First Board

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