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About this article

This article includes an overview of the Turnitin tools, known collectively as Turnitin Feedback Studio, available at WSU. It is intended for all instructors interested in integrating Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, or PeerMark services into their courses.

What Turnitin does

WSU has a license to Turnitin's Feedback Studio. Feedback Studio allows the professor to quickly and easily perform the following operations:

  • Check for potential plagiarism
    Turnitin checks the students paper against billions of web pages and millions of student papers and scholarly works for possible plagiarism. Results are found quickly and shown to the professor in an easy-to-understand way. Turnitin can parse the following file types:
    • Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx)
    • OpenOffice Text (.odt)
    • Google Docs via Google Drive (.gdoc files are NOT acceptable)
    • WordPerfect (.wpd)
    • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
    • Adobe PDF
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
    • HTML
    • Rich text format (.rtf)
    • Plain text (.txt)
    • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)
  • Check grammar, spelling, usage, mechanics, and style
    Feedback Studio checks for many of the most common writing errors and flags them automatically.
  • Parse for common writing problems
    Common writing issues like run-on sentences, awkward wording, citation issues, and much more are automatically found and flagged.
  • Use drag-and-drop comments
    No needs to retype comments you use often, just drag and drop them from the comment gallery.
  • Leave voice comments
    Easier and faster than typing, voice comments are more personal and help to reenforce the personal connection between the professor and the students.
  • Grade by rubric
    Create writing rubric in Turnitin and give fast, consistent comments to the students in your class.

Turnitin integrates into Brightspace so there is no need to jump between applications during the assessment process.

Setting up your Assignments folder to use Turnitin

Before you can use Turnitin's Feedback Studio to assess a student submission, you need to enable it for the Assignments folder to which the students submit their work.

Full instructions on how to configure your submission folders to support Turnitin can be found at Enabling Turnitin tools in your Brightspace assignment folders.

Using Turnitin to assess student writing

Turnitin's Feedback Studio allows you to assess a student submission, making suggestions on many of the most common writing errors and checking the submission for originality.

Full instructions on how to assess submissions using Turnitin, take a look at Using Turnitin to assess student writing.

Best Practices

  • You will get the best results for originality if you check all available sources in Turnitin: Student papers, web pages, and journals/articles.
  • You can define rubrics within Turnitin for assessing. These are independent of rubrics created within Brightspace. (Brightspace rubrics cannot be used to assess within Turnitin.)
  • If students resubmit their paper after seeing their Turnitin score, there is a 24-hour delay on the scan to discourage frequent resubmissions just to raise the score.
  • The PeerMark module of Turnitin Feedback Studio does not currently integrate into Brightspace, so peer evaluations are not currently available.

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