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Download UP3D software

Download the UP3D software. PC Version 2.18 UP2.18

Mac Version 2.15 UP2.15

All UP3D Software can be found at their Support Page.

Unpack UP3D Software

Double click your downloaded file to automatically unpack the Zipped Archive file.

Install UP3D Software


This software is from an Unidentified Developer.

In order to install it you must hold down the 'Control' button and then select 'open' from the drop down menu. A warning message will appear, but you will be given the option to open the software anyway. Open it and step through the installer. You may find a prompt that asks if you want to install the software for you alone or "all users of this computer' . Even though it's already highlighted, click the all users button anyway. This will enable the 'Continue' button.


Magic? TBD