Up Mini Helpful Tips and Tricks

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Watch your print.
When the print begins, double check that the raft is adhering to the perfboard. If it is not, you will need to calibrate the platform and restart your print.
There is a platform light. Double clicking the status button on the printer should illuminate the print platform. Timing is everything. Think of a very deliberate double click on a mouse. That’s the speed.
Faster printing
Smaller models print faster.Lower quality models print faster. Select coarse detail or fast print.
Very small mode.l
Very small models are easily pulled off the perfboard because they lack enough contact area with the board to maintain adhesion. Giving your model a wide, but short platform to stand on will help it stay connected to the perfboard during printing.
Print multiple models.
You can load multiple copies of your object or another object and arrange them on the platform. Be sure to leave enough gap for each objects raft.