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General Information

  • Audience - All WSU instructors interested in using Adobe Connect in their courses.
  • Interview Date - 12/16/2015
  • Tools Used - Connect

Meet the Faculty Member

Dr. Patrick Paulson is professor of management information systems. With a JD and MME his passion is exploring and incorporating new technology in his quest to improve his student’s learning experience. His current research interests are focused on updating his courses to use web conferencing, multiple monitors, version control, agile, development-operations methodology and web technology as the foundation of an active learning environment.

Viewing the Interview Segments

The full interview is divided into eight segments. Select play to begin viewing Segment 1. To advance to another segments at any time by using the Next Next button.

Segment Descriptions

  1. Introduction
  2. Please tell us generally about the tool Adobe Connect. Pat provides a overview of the tool and the way you might using this as a broadcast tool all the way to doing group work in your classes.
  3. Could you talk specifically how this assignment came about? Here Pat describes why and how he is using Connect in his classes to present materials in his classes.
  4. What are some of the outcomes you are seeing in terms of student learning? The time to learn about desktop video conferencing is in a class so you can make all the mistakes in a safe environment. Pat also explains in this section how he is using this tool to flip his classes so that the entire class can solve problems collaboratively.

Good Practices

  • Collaboration: Continual and extensive use of the tool in the program builds comfort with this powerful tool.
  • Flipped Learning: Having assignments where students can ask challenging questions of the class allowed for engaging discussions and build creative solutions to problems.

Key Outcomes

  • Continual desktop conferencing in classes provides a safe environment where skills can be improved.
  • Having experience working on teams at a distance can be modeled and provide a competitive advantage to his students' working in corporate settings.

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