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Windows 8 does not come with a restart button like you were used to in Windows 7. You can easily add one to your START screen if you wish.

Creating the Restart button

  • Navigate to your desktop
  • Right click on the desktop
  • New / Shortcut
  • Type the location of the item = restart /s /t 0
  • Click Next
  • Name the shortcut (Shutdown)
  • Click Finish

Changing the icon

You can change the icon by:

  • Right click on the icon
  • Go to Properties
  • Choose Change Icon
  • Click ok on the pop up screen

You will see icons

  • Choose the one you want
  • Click on OK

Pin the icon to the Start screen

You can keep this on your desktop plus you can add it to your Start Screen.

  • Right click the icon
  • Pin to Start
  • Pin to Taskbar

Go to your Start Screen, scroll to the right and you will see the Restart button. You can move this to any location on the Start screen that you wish.

Helpful Information

Add a Shutdown Button to Your Windows 8 Start Screen Video