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Digital Life 101 Series

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This article includes links to the modules under development for OR 100.


  • Jessica 1
  • Tanner


Module 3: Organizing Your Digital Life

  • *Organizing your SkyDrive
  • *Organizing your Web Based Outlook (WSU Webmail)'
  • Mac - Installing applications correctly
  • Mac - uninstalling applications correctly


  • How to organize?
    • Different types of ways to organize your folder
      • year, semester, class act
      • semester, class, year
      • other ideas
  • Views - Different viewing options
    • Mac Views
    • PC Views
  • Saving attachments
    • Where do they save?
    • How to change the default save place
  • Creating folders on your laptop - how do you want to organize your folders, default save locations,
  • Putting passwords on files and folders - do not forget the password because you will lock yourself out.


  • Setting up default save locations in software
  • look at file properties to see where it was saved if you don't remember
  • look in recent items (some software menus have this)
  • search - using wild cards, file extensions in a search
  • Desktop use - quick icons - current files that you need to find right away - downloads
    • these need to be cleaned up periodically - the less on the desktop the better

Online Storage

  • Accessing your personal network storage
  • Using SkyDrive
  • Using Google Docs
  • Doing computer-wide searches

Email isn't dead yet

  • Creating folders in your campus mailbox
  • Turning an email message into a calendar event
  • Search mail box
  • Rules
  • Deleting old emails and old files
  • archiving old email
  • outlook calendar - color coding
    • put school schedule on calendar/appointments
  • deleting search history - cleaning up and saving space
  • deleting junk folder contents/deleted files - cleaning up and saving space

The wisdom of lists and schedules

  • Using the Outlook calendar - iCal
  • Using Outlook tasks
  • Other "to do" apps
  • Sticky Notes

Note Taking

  • Note taking applications
  • Sticky Note
  • Stickies

Working well with others

  • Sharing documents using SkyDrive/Google Docs

Learning and career portfolios

  • The value of saving your work

Activity Ideas