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How do I access my network storage off-campus?

To access your network storage (Department drive S:/ or Personal drive R:/) from off-campus you will need to do the following:

  • Have a WSU laptop. This cannot be done from a personal device.
  • Multi-factor Authenticator account installed for VPN. Step 2 on this page: VPN for Employees

Once the above is done you will only need to do these steps to access your network storage:

  1. Connect to your Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
  1. Next you need to Map Network Drive for PCs or Connect to Server for Macs.

Map Network Drive for PCs

  • Open your Start Menu and click the "Click to Map Network Drives" tile located at the top middle of the screen in Fig 1.
  • Re-open your Start Menu and click the "File Explorer" tile in the middle of the screen
  • Your network storage drives will be located under the "Network locations" heading. You may have to scroll down to find it.
Fig 1. Click to Map Network Drive

Connect to Server for MacOS

  • In Finder, press and hold the <Command> key then tap the <K> key to bring up the "Connect to Server" prompt
  • Connect to one of the network locations listed in Fig 2.
  • Just copy/paste one of the addresses below if your list is not pre-populated
  • Personal storage: smb://
  • Department drive: smb://
Fig 2. Here is a sample of the server addresses you may need to connect to.