Accessing OneDrive for Business using a web browser

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WSU & Office 365
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Accessing your OneDrive for Business

There are several ways that you can access your OneDrive for Business.

Using your web browser

You can access OneDrive for Business using a web browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet. The only current exception is that you cannot access it using the latest version of Google Chrome on a WSU PC while connected to the campus network. If you have a WSU PC, use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access your OneDrive for Business while on campus. From off campus, Chrome works fine.

WSU Apps Store

You can find the OneDrive for Business iPad app on the WSU Apps store.

Getting to Your OneDrive (Office 365)

When you first log into your Office 365 Webmail, you'll see a list of new options at the top. Click OneDrive from those options.


Your new interface should look something like this.


This is the interface which allows you to manage your OneDrive (Office 365) documents. On the left there is options for My Documents, Followed Documents, and Shared With Me.

  • My Documents is your own personal documents that you have saved.
  • Followed Documents are documents that you are "following" or keeping track of and watching. These are typically someone else's documents such as a classmate, group member, or professor.
  • Shared With Me are documents that are shared with you by a fellow user privately. This may also be a classmate, group member, or professor.

Find a file is also a search option for searching through your documents (if you have a lot of them).