Add a MediaSpace recording to a Brightspace course

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About this article

This article provides general instructions for adding MediaSpace recordings to your Brightspace courses and includes links to more specific examples. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

MediaSpace-Brightspace integration

Rather than uploading video and audio files to your Brightspace courses directly or attempting to share them through YouTube, OneDrive, or some other service, just upload them to your MediaSpace account and then add them to your Brightspace courses. You can do this in one of two ways:

Sharing a link

If you publish your MediaSpace files as Unlisted, you can provide anyone, even someone without a MediaSpace account on our system, with a link to the file. This URL can be used and shared within Brightspace as you would any other link. To copy the link to your file:

  1. Log into MediaSpace at with your StarID username and password. This will take you to your My Media page.
  2. Open the recording you want to share. This will take you to that recording's media page.
  3. Select the Share button and then select Link to Media Page
  4. Copy the URL listed (Fig 1). Paste that URL anywhere you would normally use a link.

Using the Brightspace Editor to embed the file

There are a number of places in Brightspace where you have access to the built-in HTML editor. As a student, you use this editor when you submit posts to Discussion topics and papers to Assignment folders. Instructors use the editor for other purposes, such as adding a topic to a module in the course's Content tool. Anywhere you have access to that editor, you have access to the Insert Stuff button. It is the first button in the horizontal row of buttons at the top of the editor (Fig 2). To insert a file from your MediaSpace account:

  1. Select the Insert Stuff button in the Brightspace HTML Editor
  2. Select My Media from the Insert Stuff choices on the left (1), select the file you want to insert (2) such that it is highlighted, and select the Next button (3).
  3. Select the Insert button
  4. The next button you select to complete the process will depend on where you are in Brightspace. If you are an instructor adding a content topic to the table of contents of your course, you will select the Publish button. If you are submitting a post to a discussion topic, you will select the Post button. If you are submitting a file to an assignment folder, you will select the Submit button.

Why use Insert Stuff?

Embedding MediaSpace files into Brigtspace using the Insert Stuff function of the Brightspace Editor has several benefits:

  • People will be able to play the recording right from within Brightspace. If you share a standard link to the file, selecting that link will open another browser window and take people from Brightspace to MediaSpace to play the recording. That's ok, but it's just a bit more usable to embed the files if you can.
  • You can publish your files as Private and still embed them into Brightspace courses using Insert Stuff. That means the only way anyone can access your files is through your Brightspace course.
  • Accessing My Media through Brightspace is extremely convenient and quick.

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