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==LyndaCampus Training==
==LyndaCampus Training==
[http://www.lynda.com/Premiere-Pro-tutorials/Premiere-Pro-CC-Essential-Training-2015/371692-2.html Premiere Pro CC Essential Training]
*[http://www.lynda.com/Premiere-Pro-tutorials/Premiere-Pro-CC-Essential-Training-2015/371692-2.html Premiere Pro CC Essential Training]
[[File:Lynda logo3y-d 144x.png]]
[[File:Lynda logo3y-d 144x.png]]

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Adobe Premiere is a movie editing software powered by Adobe. It has three different versions to tailor to different skill levels and needs: Premiere Express, Premiere Elements, and Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro provided by WSU and can be installed by following instructions with Installing Software From The Network.

LyndaCampus Training

Lynda logo3y-d 144x.png