Calibrate Platform

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UP3D Platform Calibration

In the 3D Print menu, select "Platform Calibrate".


Raise the platform until it nearly touches the extruder nozzle. Cycle through the platform positions 1-9 and determine which position is nearest the extruder nozzle. raise the platform in this position until the platform just touches the nozzle. Set the height to '0'. Then cycle through each platform position again and using the dropdown menus for each position, detail the distance of the nozzle from the platform when in that position. The distance is measured in tenths of a millimeter. For reference, a single sheet of copy paper is approximately 0.1mm in thickness. If 3 layers of copy paper would fill the gap between platform and nozzle, the distance is 0.3mm between platform and nozzle. When each position's distance has been measured and entered click UP3DCalibratePlatform.jpg