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Instructors can request that Winona State University Information Technology Services create class storage on a WSU network file server for the duration of an academic term that is only accessible to the instructor and students of that course. A class storage directory includes personal subdirectories for each student and a shared subdirectory that all students can access. Class storage directories are accessible via the Web by the account owner. Students are added to the class storage service automatically based on the official class roster in ISRS.

Creating and adding students to Class Store

A TA or tutor can be added to a specific class storage as an instructor to get access. Course storage may be requested by Faculty or Staff teaching a course as that course becomes available within the MNSCU tracking system. Faculty members will need to know the year/term of the course along with the department and the 6 digit MNSCU course ID for that course in the given year / term. Upon completion of the course request form, course storage will be created within 2 hours.

Updated class lists (due to drop/add) will occur once daily by IT until the drop/add period is over.

Accessing a class store

Class storage is located on a local network file server.

  • On a PC, you connect to it as you would your R: (personal) or S: (department) drives. The class storage will be listed automatically as your T directory or ClassStorage(\\\dfs\Community)((T:). When you are off campus, you will need a VPN connection and will also need to Click to Map Drives in order to see it on your list of locations in File Explorer.
  • On a Mac, select the Go menu of the Finder. Then select Connect to Server. Search for smb://
  • Each class store will be named according to the year/term and the 6 digit Minnesota State ID of that course. Each course will have a 1 GB storage limit. Access to each course will be determined by the class roster.

Mapping Network Drives

Please refer to Mapping Network Drives when connecting to storage.

Class store is temporary

Your class store will be disabled at the end of the semester. Don't forget to save anything you need from class store to another location.

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