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Note. This article is under construction. --Ken Graetz (talk) 20:14, 23 August 2014 (CST)

About this article

This article provides an overview for all tablet users about installing applications or apps on their tablet devices. It is intended for all members of the campus community.

What's a tablet app?

A tablet app is a piece of software that you install on your tablet device. Originally, the term, "app," was used to differentiate tablet applications from those designed for a desktop or laptop computer. Tablet apps are often smaller, require less processor power and disk storage, include fewer features and functions, are more focused on a specific task, and are either free or relatively inexpensive. Today, the term, "app," is also applied to some desktop and laptop software as companies recognize the value of greater specificity and micro-transactions.

What apps come pre-installed on my tablet?

How do I install new apps on my tablet

Recommended apps

iPad mini

WSU faculty, staff and students have tested many iPad applications. There is a list of some of the best general-purpose applications for daily use in the Recommended iPad apps article.

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