Integrating Flipgrid with Brightspace

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About this article

This article includes instructions for integrating the Flipgrid video chat tool with Brightspace. It is intended for instructors who are familiar with Brightspace and interested in using video chat to support learning activities.

Flipgrid-Brightspace integration

Currently, there are two ways to access Flipgrid grids, topics, and videos from within a Brightspace course:

  1. Link. Copy links to Flipgrid grids, topics, and videos and insert them into Brightspace courses as module topics or using the Editor (e.g., in course pages, announcements, discussions). Choose whether to open the link within Brightspace or in another browser tab.
  2. Embed. Embed grids, topics, and videos into Brightspace course pages and other areas where the Editor is used. The grid, topic, or video will be displayed immediately within Brightspace.

How to copy and paste Flipgrid links and embed code

Experiment to determine what works best for your Flipgrid application. In some cases, you may want your students to open Flipgrid in another browser window to gain access to the full Flipgrid interface. In other cases, interacting with Flipgrid from within Brightspace will be a more usable, seamless experience.

Steps for copying Flipgrid links

  1. Use your favorite browser to log into your Flipgrid Educator account at
  2. To copy the link to an entire grid: Select the Share button to the right of the grid.
  3. To copy a link to a topic within a grid: Open the grid by selecting it and then select the Share button to the right of the topic.
  4. To copy a link to an individual video within a topic: Open the topic by selecting it and then select the Share button to the right of that post. You can also open the post to view the video and then select the Share tab on the video playback window.
  5. Selecting Share always opens the same window from which you can choose how you want to share the grid, topic, or video. To copy the link to your clipboard, select the Copy button.
  6. To paste the link as a Brightspace content topic: Go to Materials...Content. Select Upload/Create...Create a Link. Enter a title, paste the link, decide whether to open it as an External Resource (i.e., in a separate browser tab) and select Create.
  7. To paste the link using the Brightspace Editor: From within the Editor, select the Insert Quicklink button and select URL. Paste the link, enter a title, and choose whether to open the link in a new window or within Brightspace as a whole window or inside the current frame. Select the Insert button.

Steps for copying a Flipgrid embed code

  1. Use your favorite browser to log into your Flipgrid Educator account at
  2. Follow Steps 2, 3, or 4 above to open the Share window on a grid, topic, or video.
  3. To copy the embed code to your clipboard, select the Copy Embed Code button.
  4. From within the Brightspace Editor, select the Insert Stuff button and select Enter Embed Code. Paste the Flipgrid embed code into the text box and select the Next button. You may then receive a warning that the content has been blocked. Choose to always unblock it. Finally, select the Insert button. Don't forget to publish your changes when you close the Editor.

Pro tips

  • When adding a link to a Flipgrid grid, topic, or video to Brightspace, you can choose not to open it in a separate browser tab. This will cause it to open within the Brightspace interface. When adding it as a topic in a module, do not check the Open as External Resource checkbox to force it to open within Brightspace. When adding it using the Insert Link button in the HTML Editor, select Whole Window or Same Frame.
  • The Flipgrid embed code sets the width of the iFrame to 600px. You can change that to make the embedded grid, topic, or video better fit the space. Do this when you first embed it or later by selecting the HTML Source Editor button. If you are embedding a grid or topic on a page, a 1200px width will fill the page.

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