Kaltura Capture Quick Guide

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Recording with Kaltura Capture and Uploading to MediaSpace

1.) Go to http://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/ and login with your STAR ID.

2.) Select Add New in the top right corner and select Kaltura Capture from the dropdown. This will launch the desktop recorder. (NOTE: If you have not used Kaltura Capture before you will have to download the recorder. Select the correct version for your computer and download the application. It may take a few minutes to download. Once downloaded go back to Mediaspace and complete Step # 2 again)

Kaltura 1.jpg

3.) The recorder displays 3 icons for recording options. To record your screen,web camera and audio all icons will be blue. If you would like to turn off your web camera select the camera icon and a slash will be put through the camera icon. Select the Red Record Button to start the recording.

Kaltura 7.jpg

4.) A countdown will appear on the screen. Next select your PowerPoint and put the PowerPoint into slideshow. This will have the slides fill your entire screen.

Screen Capture full screen.jpg

5.) In the corner will be the recorder. To hide the recorder select the minimize button in the top right corner. This will hide the recorder.

Screen Capture full screen.jpg

6.) The recording panel helps you control the recording process.

COntrol Panel.jpg

  • If during your recording you need to pause, select the PAUSE button from the control panel below the video.
  • If you would like to start your recording over, select CANCEL from the control panel. Selecting OK on the next screen will permanently delete your recording.
  • If you would like to draw on your slides, use the DRAW controls to configure your tools.

9.) When you are done, click Stop on the control panel to save a copy of the video on your computer and present a preview screen. It will prompt you to ask if you are sure. Select "Yes" to stop the recording.

DONE Recording.jpg

10.) This will bring up a preview of your recording. You can enter a title for your recording. Select Upload to upload your video into your Mediaspace account.

Editing Kaltura Capture Recording in MediaSpace

11.) Select the "Actions" dropdown below your video and select Edit. 12.)Select the "Launch Editor" button in the right corner. This will bring up the editor where you can cut the ends off your video. 13.) Select the Play button below your video to start playing the recording. Select the Stop button when you get to the point in your recording where you would like the recording to start. 14.) Then below in timeline select the Set In icon. This will have the recording start where the playhead is. 15.)Then select play again and then stop when the video gets to the end of your presentation and select the Set out icon and the video will end where the play head is. 16.) You have two options to save your edited video. If you select Save this will permanatly save the changes to your orginal recording. If you select Save Copy this will create a new recording with your edits but also save your orginal. It will prompt you to enter a new title for your video. 17.) When you are done and have saved your edited recording select exit in the bottom right corner.

15.) To post your video to D2L follow Posting from MediaSpace to D2L Assignments or Posting from MediaSpace to D2L Discussions.