Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

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Malwarebyteslogo.png Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an anti-malware and internet security software suite that is provided to all WSU computers.

The WSU community has the right to experience stress free use of their computers. Malwarebytes can prevent, detect, and remove malware, ransomware, possibly unwanted programs and many other types of malicious software from both Windows and macOS computers.


  • protects users from online threats
  • provides malware protection
  • helps remove existing malicious programs
  • is an industry-leader in malware protection

How to Run a Threat Scan


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If you have questions about the items that were removed from your machine, please contact technical support. Although you're able to run a threat scan yourself, we want to remind you that we are here to help with any malware-related questions.

You can call WSU Tech Support at 507-457-5240, email, or stop in to Somsen 207 for any further assistance.