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"Sponsored WSU Guest Accounts" are network logins that are manually created by [[IT]] for guests, visiting scholars, contracted employees, or outsourced business agents who need to interact with WSU campus [[network]] resources but do not have a typical employment contract on file with HR.
#REDIRECT [[Sponsored WSU Guest Account Request]]
[https://warriorspace.winona.edu/ProcessDirector/form.aspx?pid=cbc76cfa-e332-489a-a868-237dcf390893&formid=420e1e75-e027-4915-9ce3-3b10bc4a743e Sponsored WSU Guest Account Request]
* The form can only be filled out by department chairs, deans, and a few key areas including OCED and IT.
* Once the form is submitted IT will get an email notification to create a work order and the process will begin.
* Teaching faculty that are not on contract must have a corresponding part-time contract in the Business Office prior to getting access to student data, [[D2L]], department storage, etc.

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