Post Office 365 Migration Desk Accounts and Student Workers

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About this article

This article includes questions and answers to help users during and after the Microsoft Office 365 migration regarding Desk Accounts and Student Worker Accounts.

Desk Accounts and Student Workers

  • All desk accounts will remain the same, login names and password will NOT change. All students will be able to login Monday to their work desktop computer as they always have.
  • If you have student workers who are accessing a mailbox with a Desk Account, please contact TechSupport ( with the StarID of the student worker(s) and the mailbox they need access to.
  • If you were already accessing a shared mailbox (such those permissions will migrate automatically. You do not have to fill out the form.
  • Students should access new or existing shared mailboxes via the web browser, by going to the following url: Where you will replace emailaddress with the the entire email address of the mailbox you want to access (ex: https :// It is a great idea to make a bookmark to the url to easily get to your web email. Students will login with their and their StarID password they have been using.

Student Worker Accounts

All student workers starting July 24 will get a work email account created for them. (If the student has a current work auth in the system).

  • A student’s personal email account ( will NOT change
  • A student's StarID password will NOT change
  • A student worker will now have a new email account, (
  • A student worker will login to their work email with their StarID username ( and StarID password

Supervisors will now be able to send emails to their student workers' work email account instead of the student's personal email account.