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Intended Audience

WSU students using Quizlet as a study tool from their tablet.

Getting Started

In order to create and access your Quizlet study sets (groups of flashcards), you must have a Quizlet account. If you do not have a Quizlet account you can create an account using your Google account, Facebook account or email account. If you already have a Quizlet account, log into Quizlet using your account and password. You can use Quizlet to create your own study sets or to join and search for sets created by others. You can search by class, user or specific material. Note: Materials are not guaranteed to be accurate. If you use study sets created by others, check them for validity so you don't learn incorrect information.

Creating your own study set

In the right corner you will see a plus sign icon.Selecting this icon will bring up a new set of cards. This is where you will enter the "Term" and "Definition". The blue icon below is where you can add additional cards to your set. Quizletterms.jpg

Once the set is complete select "Finish" in the right corner. You will title your Set Name and select the Visibility options.

All of your sets will appear on the main page.

Studying with Quizlet

Open your completed study set and you will be presented with various study methods:



Cards are displayed one at a time. Click the card to flip it to the other side. Quizlet can present cards showing the term or the definition first and includes an options to shuffle the cards each time you view them.


The Learn option gives you the opportunity to physically type out the definition and or term, while keeping track of the incorrect and correct answers.


Quizlet speaks the promot and you simply type what you hear. Speller keeps track of your progress.


Set up your own test by choosing your question types, what to start with, and how many of your terms you would like to be involved. You can select between written questions, matching questions, multiple-choice questions and true/false questions.

More Information

More information is available on Quizlet from the iTunes Store, Google Play or Quizlet's web site.

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