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To view the submission click on the '''Attempt.'''
To view the submission click on the '''Attempt.'''
[[File:Quiz attempts.png]]
=Viewing Quiz Submission=
=Viewing Quiz Submission=

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WSU students in a traditional, blended, online, or ITV environment.


This tool is where you will access quizzes and test that your instructors have made available to you. IMPORTANT Make sure you have run all updates as they relate to the Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) you are using. If your instructor uses Lockdown Browser you will also want to make sure you have the latest version. Here is a link to the latest version. LockDown Browser. Sometimes it's best to uninstall this program each semester and reinstall. You can also check for updates in Lockdown Browser.

1. Launch Lockdown Browser

2. Go to the Lockdown Browser icon in the left hand corner.

3. A dialogue box will show up letting you know if you have any updates.

Accessing Quizzes


Quiz List


1. You will see the quizzes listed under Current Quizzes. You will only see quizzes the instructor has activated. Always means the quiz is always open.

2. Camera Shots is an example of a quiz that only has a beginning date you can start the quiz. This quiz will open on May 10 at 1:13 p.m. and remain open.

3. Camera Shots Random is has a start and end day. This quiz will open on May 10 at 1:22 p.m. and close Aug. 2 at 8:24 a.m.

4. This lets you see how many attempts you are given for each quiz and how many you have completed.

Quiz Details


Confirmation to Start a Quiz


Taking the Quiz


1. You can save each question two different ways. This area is one way to save a question.

2. You can also save after each question by clicking on this Save button. It is recommend you save after each question.

3. Once you have saved the question this icon Notsave.png will look bold Saved.png.

Saving & Submission


1. You can also use the Save All Responses button to save all questions at the end. However it is strongly recommend to save after each question.

2. Once you are ready to submit it the Go to Submit Quiz. You are not done; there are more steps.

Quiz Submission Warning


1. If you have forgotten to answer a questions you will see a warning letting you know.

2. Once you have cleared all warnings hit the Submit Quiz button. Again you still have one more step.

Final Quiz Submission Screen


Once you see this screen click on Submit Quiz. You will see one final dialogue box. You MUST hit Yes, Submit Quiz for your quiz to be graded and accept.


Submission Views


1. This will tell you what attempt you just completed. It is up to the instructor to decide how many attempts each quiz gets.

2. If your instructor left you and directions after completing the quiz, you will see these here.

3. Your score.

4. Close to close out of the quiz and this viewing.

To view the submission click on the Attempt.

Quiz attempts.png

Viewing Quiz Submission

If you are trying to determine what questions got wrong and right you will want to go to Assessments-->Quizzes. Each instructor decides what view they are willing to display. In some cases you can see what you answer incorrectly and the right answers. Other case you are only given a score.

Next click on the arrow to the right of the quiz you want to see the attempt for and select Submissions.

Viewing Quiz Submission.jpg

To view the submission click on the Attempt.


Finally you will see all the questions and whatever view the instructor has set up. AttemptView.jpg