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  • ...creen. If you are using [[IOS]] 7, you will need to swipe down on any home page to activate spotlight. Users are then able to type in any search query they
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  • ...s up. He stops Camtasia, deletes the first attempt, opens a new SmoothDraw page, and tries again. After four takes, Steve has a 10-minute movie that he rea ...write on the surface of the tablet. Your pen strokes should appear on the page in SmoothDraw. You can switch pen types and colors in SmoothDraw. The pen t
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  • # To return to the home screen, touch the home button in the upper left corner of the screen. ...the document feeder with the first page facing up, and with the top of the page leading.
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  • *Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right then tap on "Add to Home screen". ...e the icon below. This icon will bring you directly to the WSU email login page.
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  • #Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, select iCloud, then enter your Apple ID. ...ic downloads for your music, apps, and books, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and select iTunes & App Stores.
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  • ...activities as a means to document their work and reminisce after they were home. ..._Pilot_Applications#Course-Specific_Applications| iPad Pilot Applications] page.
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  • This page lists applications that are useful in taking notes. There are many more app ...ike photos, audios clips, video clips and web clips directly into the note page.
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  • category = Home Page
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  • ...heir communication and recording from the field as well as their work from home. This left the major objective of this tablet pilot to be: ..._Pilot_Applications#Course-Specific_Applications| iPad Pilot Applications] page.
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  • #Double-click the Home button. *If that doesn’t work hold the home and sleep/wake button down for 15 seconds, this will restart the device.
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  • ==Home Folder== ...t stored in program folders. See section below to find out how large your home folder is. This will be how much space you need on your backup media i.e.,
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  • Videos can be found by going to the Library home page, next the WSU Databases page, next search for the database by title –Films on Demand, next search the
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  • This page lists applications related to nutrition. There are many more applications a ...etwork. Following other users allows you to see their recipes on your home page. You can make lists and label them such as “dinner ideas” and add vario
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  • #REDIRECT [[Managing and Adding Home Page Widgets]]
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  • ...e (including adding widgets to the homepage) at [[Managing and Adding Home Page Widgets]]. So, you have followed the instructions in [[Managing and Adding Home Page Widgets]] but, when you looked at the list of available widgets, you didn't
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  • your Office 365 security settings later (e.g., unlisted {{WSU}} phone, home office phone). ...d=5011c7c6-0ab4-46ab-9ef4-fae74a921a7f Multi-factor Authentication Request page] and select the '''Enable MFA button''' (Fig 9). Within 10 minutes, you wi
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  • This article includes instructions for setting your home page in several major [[web browser]]s. It is intended for all members of the WS ...e browser will be set as your default homepage. You can change that to any page you wish. You can also configure your browser to load multiple pages as tab
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  • #The home page will present three different compression options. It is recommended to sele
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  • *Open your browser and navigate to WSU's home page ( Go to the Resource tab and click on Office365&Ema
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  • creates a copy of your entire OneDrive for Business in a folder in your home directory on your computer's hard drive called '''OneDrive @ Winona State U OneDrive for Business Synch for Windows client installer page]
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