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  • 1. Click the WSU Apps icon on your WSU iPad's home screen. 2. The WSU Apps Page will appear. Tap the VLC App.
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  • '''WSU''' stands for Winona State University. WSU is home to the [[Technical Support Center]]. [ *[ Winona State Admissions Page]
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  • ...come.aspx?vsro=8&ws=190fbb0d-be9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&JSEnabled=1 login page] and select Sign in at the top of the screen. Next select Register towards ....aspx?ws=190fbb0d-be9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&vsro=8&un= password reminder page].
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  • *'''Audience''' - All [[WSU]] instructors interested in making D2L Home Pages more interactive. *'''Tools Used''' - [[Home_Pages_in_D2L| Home Pages in D2L]]
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  • <noinclude>This page contains information on File Backup for a [[Mac]] to an external device suc ...ooks like a little house and is named with your User Logon ID. Inside your Home Directory are the following folders:
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  • @page Section1 {page:Section1;}
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  • :*Click OK to return to the Specify Exchange Settings page. ...ical to the ones in the attachment. Let me know how it works for you from home before we give these instructions the green light. If necessary, fell free
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  • ...on the home page, the associated full-size image is loaded into a gallery page. You use the Adobe Output Module script in Adobe Bridge to automatically ge ...e: You can specify titles, captions, and descriptions that appear on every page of a gallery in the Site Info options. You can choose to display filenames,
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  • *[ Key Press Home Page]
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  • ...''', which is a customized page that displays static content as your front page. ==Making a Static Page==
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  • ===On the Home Screen:=== The following apps come pre-loaded on the iPad's home screen, which is the main screen that holds all of your application icons.
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  • * Our [[Digital Camera/Helpful Filming Techniques]] wiki page is full of information to teach you about some simple ways to optimize the it here]; the Windows and Mac download links are about halfway down the page in the right column.
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  • ...hat can be edited. Select a red dot to begin editing that component of the page. ...your pages. If you plan to make a hyperlink in the content area to a new page, then you will use the Extra Pages links. Reminder that when you do this,
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  • ...ou certainly will want to check out the additional articles linked to this page below. Content configuration and type of media you use can be secured in a ...ectory listed in the left nav use the Go tab in the finder and then select Home from that menu.
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  • output and saved as files, printed singly or in batches, saved to a web page, or made into a DVD movie. ...d file it called iPhoto Library. It is kept in the Pictures folder of your Home directory.
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  • Backgrounds will be overlaid by any text, objects or content put on the page. This will mean that font colors, and other properties may need to be chan ====Background to Page: Color====
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  • '''First: Using the Home Menu choose the Style Panel.''' ::'''Note''': To show your "Ruler" above your page, click on the tab for '''View''' and locate the "Show/Hide" menu. Put a ch
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  • *On the right hand side of the web page, there is a '''Sign Up''' button. At the time this tutorial was written, th *The following window is the sign up page. Here, the web address and username for the website will be created. You ma
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  • ...ded Audience''' - Instructors interested in optimizing the D2L Course Home Page with powerful assessment tools, embed video content, aggregate news and rel ...ill cover the basic steps of setting up a D2L Custom Widgets for your home page. The attendee will learn the following components of the system:
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  • This page shows how to post an Announcement on your {{D2L}} course homepage. Announce # If you want the Announcement automatically removed from the home page in the future, select the '''End Date''' checkbox and set the last date and
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  • ...the instructor and selected TLT staff can edit this page. On the main home page of the site, Ron describes the journal synopsis activity and the data analy ...on on 4 different days during each week.</blockquote>[[File:Ron wiki group home.jpg|right]]
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  • *'''Audience''' - All WSU instructors interested in making D2L Home Pages more interactive. *'''Tools Used''' - [[Desire2Learn/Custom_Home_Pages| D2L Custom Home Pages]]
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  • Turning Technologies Home Page]
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  • ...custom home page. Because you are starting with a copy of the current home page, much of the layout and many of the widgets will already be in place. *Select the home page you wish to copy as your starting point. In most cases, this will be the on
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  • ...older and hit the Open button. The notebook will appear back on your Home page listed with all other notebooks currently in your OneNote application.
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  • This page provides students information on setting up and using the WSU [[iPad]] Mini ***Give you one-click access to WSU websites such as MyWSU, e-Home, D2L, etc.
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  • ...nterviews classmates playing a husband and wife, the wife having just come home from the hospital after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. The nurse intervie ...the form was loaded onto an iPad. Rather than the nurse completing the 14-page form in pen, a PDF-editing application was installed on the iPad and a styl
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  • ...n access the {{D2L}} Content Tool in one of two ways. From the course home page: ...t the '''Edit Course''' link (Figure 2) to go to the Course Administration page and select '''Content''' under the '''Site Resources''' heading.
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  • ...back to previous page(s) the user navigated through to get to the current page. To edit the Breadcrumb you must have the Top Content dot open. ...n the grey bar below the purple ribbon. By default each page will have '''Home |''headline of site homepage'' |Welcome''' for the breadcrumb.
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  • #Click on Resources in the navigation bar at the top of the page category = Home Page
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  • ...:Content Organization]][[Category:D2L]][[Category:Faculty]][[category:Home Page]]
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  • ==Home Page Basics== ...e {{D2L}} home page and the course home page. Both of these styles of home page are widget based.
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  • ...very {{D2L}} page and remains visible at the top of the window even if the page is scrolled by the user. The example below shows the header as it appears on the {{D2L}} course home page.
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  • *Select Settings from the Home Menu NOTE: On the same page, you can also enable a more secure passcode. Turn off Simple Passcode to e
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  • ...nted with a window that recaps the homepage qualities copied into your new page. ...from the navigation. When you create a custom page by copying an existing page, the navigation comes forward into the menus.
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  • One the home page, locate the '''Role Switch''' widget. By default, it appears in the left co category = Home Page
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  • ...der the '''Assessment''' button in the course navigation at the top of the page. ..._Custom_D2L_Course_Home_Pages|Brandy Schillace Discusses Custom D2L Course Home Pages]]
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  • 2. In WSU Apps, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Notability Icon. 8. Press the home button [[File:IPAD_2_FAULTY_HOME_BUTTON.JPG|35px]] and wait until the app a
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  • *Double Click the home button. [[File:IPAD_2_FAULTY_HOME_BUTTON.JPG|25px]] *Tap and hold a page, then slide up with your finger to remove application.
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  • ...creen. If you are using [[IOS]] 7, you will need to swipe down on any home page to activate spotlight. Users are then able to type in any search query they
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  • ...s up. He stops Camtasia, deletes the first attempt, opens a new SmoothDraw page, and tries again. After four takes, Steve has a 10-minute movie that he rea ...write on the surface of the tablet. Your pen strokes should appear on the page in SmoothDraw. You can switch pen types and colors in SmoothDraw. The pen t
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  • # To return to the home screen, touch the home button in the upper left corner of the screen. ...the document feeder with the first page facing up, and with the top of the page leading.
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  • *Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right then tap on "Add to Home screen". ...e the icon below. This icon will bring you directly to the WSU email login page.
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  • #Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, select iCloud, then enter your Apple ID. ...ic downloads for your music, apps, and books, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and select iTunes & App Stores.
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  • ...activities as a means to document their work and reminisce after they were home. ..._Pilot_Applications#Course-Specific_Applications| iPad Pilot Applications] page.
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  • ...o your WSU Alumni mailbox will change to a Winona State University Sign-In Page: ...vated leaving their mailbox active and accessible through our Sky Services page (
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  • This page lists applications that are useful in taking notes. There are many more app ...ike photos, audios clips, video clips and web clips directly into the note page.
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  • category = Home Page
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  • ...heir communication and recording from the field as well as their work from home. This left the major objective of this tablet pilot to be: ..._Pilot_Applications#Course-Specific_Applications| iPad Pilot Applications] page.
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  • #Double-click the Home button. *If that doesn’t work hold the home and sleep/wake button down for 15 seconds, this will restart the device.
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