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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using the Cisco VPN client software, you can connect a WSU laptop or home computer to the WSU network from off campus. A VPN connection enables you to access select network resources as if you were on campus connected to our network directly. These resources include:

  • Network storage drives (e.g., personal, class, departmental)
  • KeyServer applications (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat)
  • storage, class storage, and KeyServer applications. The data is encrypted to preserve security.It is used to connect to the network in order to use software off-campus, such as Adobe software like Photoshop.

as defined by Wikipedia

To Find the VPN Client on Your WSU Laptop

  • On PC, if you go to your Start Menu, and search "VPN" in the search bar, it should be the first search result.
  • On Mac, if you go to Spotlight (in the upper right corner), and search "VPN", it should be the first search result under Applications.