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Academic Integrity & Probation Polices:

Academic Integrity at Winona State University is based on honesty. The University requires that work produced by students represents their personal efforts and requires that they properly acknowledge the intellectual contributions of others. WSU students are required to adhere to the University's standards of academic integrity.

For examples of behaviors that are considered unacceptable and violate the WSU Academic Integrity Policy, click on this link: Academic Integrity Policy (You can also find information and this link under the Resources menu on D2L.)

Student Support Services/ Inclusion & Diversity:

Student Support Services and the Inclusion and Diversity Office are both dedicated to helping students of all races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, nationalities, and sexual orientations. They can facilitate tutoring and point you to a wide range of resources.

Student Support Services (TRIO) • Krueger Library 220

• 507-457-5465

The Inclusion & Diversity Office • Kryzsko Commons Room 122

• 507-457-5595.

Warrior Success Center

Advising, Career, Tutoring and Access Services are all part of the Warrior Success Center. The mission of the Warrior Success Center (WSC) is to serve Winona State University students by providing free and accessible services and resources for student success.

WSU Accessibility Policies: Click here for the Accessibility Policies. If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please let me know as soon as possible.

Warrior Success Center: •Maxwell 314

• 507-457-5878


Access Services: • Maxwell 314

• 507-457-5878.


Advising: • Maxwell 314

• 507-457-5878


Tutoring: • Library 220

• 507-457-5680


Career Services (Winona Campus) • Maxwell 314

• 507-457-5878


Career Services (Rochester Campus) • Student Services 125

• 800-366-5418


Counseling Center & Wellness Services:

College can be very stressful. The Counseling Center is there to help you with a wide range of difficulties, ranging from sexual assault, depression, and grief after the loss of a loved one to stress management, anxiety, general adjustment to college, and many others.

Counseling Center & Wellness Services:
• Integrated Wellness Complex 222

• 507-457-5330 • •