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Your WSU eHome page is where you can keep up to date on what's happening in the WSU community, find useful links to commonly visited webpages like Webmail and D2L, and even get information about the weather in Winona! To get started go to your eHome. You can make eHome your web browser home page by following the instructions here. More information about eHome can be on the Winona State website.


Message Notifications

Important messages regarding the WSU community are pushed right to the front of your eHome so you alway's know what's happening on campus.


By clicking on your name you can change your settings, log out of your eHome, and change your password.


Current Bulletins

Updates about what's going on in the WSU community are found here.


Quick Links

Listed here are a number of different links to useful webpages.

Ehome quick links.png

Personal Links

Here you can bookmark common sites you use. Just click on 'Manage' to add and remove bookmarked sites.



At the bottom of the screen are additional useful gadgets for RSS Feeds, WSU News, and weather. EAdd.png