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This article provides a description of WeTeach Advanced and the individual modules included in this course. The article is intended for all audiences.

WeTeach Advanced: Quality Online Course Design Workgroup

In this track we will be using Dr. Dee Fink's instructional design model and backwards design to help support your online course design. In this workgroup, you will spend the majority of your time designing or re-designing your course to meet all QM standards. There are three phases to Dr. Fink's Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning: Initial Design Phase, the Intermediate Design Phase, and the Final Design Phase. Each phase will have a series of online steps you will complete in D2L before meeting face-to-face (F2F) for a working lab session. There are also worksheets to help you implement your design. You can expect to meet F2F for about an hour at least four times during this the semester. The rest of the time will be devoted to self-paced online modules in D2L.

WeTeach Advanced Modules

Below is a description of each module.

Module 0: Pre-Course Information

This module will help you better understand your student audience. We will explore the situational factors affecting your course, including how many students are in the course, their technical abilities, and their prior subject knowledge.

Module 1: Peek Inside a QM Course & Learning Objectives

This module involves creating Course Level and Module/Unit Level Learning Objectives for your course. The F2F session will help you write Learning Objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, and Time-Bound. Participants will also get an opportunity to "peek" inside a Quality Matters recognized course during this session.

Module 2: Alignment & Assessment

This module will introduce you to Backward Course Design, the importance of alignment and creating a module-level matrix. We will also discuss the difference between “Course Design” and “Course Delivery” in our F2F session. This module will also include identifying assignments that align with your stated learning objectives. After drafting learning objectives for one module/unit/week of your online course you will begin to identify learning materials that align with these learning objectives and support your module/unit/week assessments.

Module 3: Instructions & Evaluation

This module will introduce you to interactive learning activities that you can integrate into the D2L Discussion Board tool. Many of the activities can be done in small groups if you have a large class size. You will also explore how to create different engaging learning activities using a "pedagogy wheel” and active learning activities in our F2F session. This module we will also show you practical and fundamental skills you will need to produce high-quality and polished recorded lectures. In this F2F session you will learn what makes a clear and engaging recorded lecture, how to fine-tune your delivery, what to capture and best practices from the broadcast industry and on-air presence and producing shorter more compelling recorded lectures.

Module 4: D2L Course Shell & Technology

This module will introduce you to several courses that have met Quality Matters Standards in a formal external Quality Matters course review. In the F2F session we will review several courses with a variety of course structures and highlight how they met several standards. We will also discuss how to incorporate items in the introduction module of your course to meet several of the standards under General Standard 1: Course Overview and Introduction. Participants will also share their completed roadmap during the F2F session.

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