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It's Easy, It's StarID!

Winona State has switched to StarID. The StarID is a username that is used across Minnesota State to access information technology systems and services.

What's NOT StarID

Your WSU email address is NOT StarID. You use your "FriendlyName" for your email address. So, when you give out your WSU email address to friends, family or for business related reasons you use your FriendlyName@winona.edu. An example: AStudent12@winona.edu.

What IS StarID

What programs and apps require StarID to log in?

  • Academic Progress Reporting System
  • Access Services Sharepoint
  • Advisor-Trac
  • Athletics - Reporting Services reports
  • Class Management System
    • Registration
    • Grades
    • Transcripts
  • D2L Brightspace
  • Document Direct
  • Email credentials - you use StarID to LOG IN to your WSU email account'
  • EMS
  • EPM
  • Faculties Project Request Forms - http://www.winona.edu/facilities/faq.asp - StarID if SharePoint or through docs.winona.edu
  • Financial aid
  • Foundation Scholarship app
  • HomeDocs - StarID if SharePoint or through docs.winona.edu
  • Housing requests
  • Hyperion
  • ISRS
  • Knowledge Lake
  • MS Dynamix
  • New Student Orientation Web App
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Online Forms - StarID if through docs.winona.edu
  • Open Text
  • Presentation Request Sharepoint
  • Printing
  • SalesForce - CRM program hosted by St. Cloud
  • Scholarships reports - (MyWSU)
  • Sharepoint (including all docs stored in Sharepoint
  • Student e-Services
  • Student Employment appTCF Form - MyWSU
  • Team Dynamix
  • Tutor Trac
  • WSU tuition payments
  • WSU wireless

Programs and Apps that do NOT Use StarID

  • Your email address - use your "FriendlyName"@winona.edu
  • Accuplacer
  • Adult & Continuing Ed Program through Bemidji
  • Aleph also known as MnPALS
  • Apple iTunes (private WSU collection)
  • B3
  • Blue Zone
  • Focus 2
  • Hobsons Connect
  • IDWorks
  • Interview Stream
  • Main Saver
  • Manage My ID (Campus Card)
  • MnPALS (also known as Aleph)
  • NSIC Conference Tender Renewals
  • Oracle
  • Qualtrics
  • Refworks
  • Sokanu
  • Warrior Jobs
  • WinPrism
  • World Cat

Using @winona.edu when you log in (StarID@winona.edu)

  • You need to add @winona.edu to your StarID when you are logging into any of the Microsoft online applications. This includes Office 365 and your OneDrive and email accounts.
  • You do NOT need to use @winona.edu after your StarID when you are logging into your WSU computer/laptop.

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