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Intended Audience

  • TLT staff responsible for establishing DokuWiki sites on the TLT academic testing and development server


This article lists the steps involved in setting up a new DokuWiki site with the User History plugin on the TLT testing and development "sandbox" server. These sites can be used by faculty to support limited-duration, pilot tests of wiki-based course activities. TLT is responsible for establishing DokuWiki sites, configuring the sites to support instructional objectives, and training faculty and students on their use.

Steps for Installing DokuWiki

  • Download the most recent stable version of DokuWiki from and the most recent version of the DokuWiki User History plugin.
  • Use WinSCP to login to your home directory on Copy the DokuWiki folder to your home directory. Rename it accordingly (e.g., MCOM400_Spring2011). This will establish the URL for the site (e.g.,, so keep the folder name simple.
  • Start a PuTTy session. Login to your home directory. Switch to a superadmin using sudo su.
  • From your home directory, move the DokuWiki folder that you created to /var/www/html/wikis using mv. FOr example: mv MCOM400_Spring2011 /var/www/html/wikis
  • Change the permissions on the DokuWiki folder using chmod. For example: chmod -R 777 /var/www/html/wikis/MCOM400_Spring2011/
  • Use your browser to navigate to the install.php file on the new DokuWiki site (e.g., and finish the install. Add a wiki name, set yourself up as the superuser. In most cases, you will enable ACL and set the Initial ACL Policy to Closed Wiki, requiring users to login and preventing anyone else from seeing content on the site.
  • Login using your superuser account and use the admin features to add users, create groups, and add namespaces.
  • Secure DokuWiki directories for production launch.

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