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Session Information

  • Intended Audience - Designed for staff interested in learning more about Qualtrics features and functions for managing online survey layout and user experience using themes, pagination, blocks, question skip/display logic, and effective instructions.
  • Time - 50 minutes
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Before the Session

This session is hands-on, so please bring your laptop if possible. If you cannot bring a laptop, one will be provided for you. Participants should be familiar with all of the material covered in the Conducting Survey Research Using Qualtrics.

General Description

While some surveys are short and simple, others are more complex. A single survey may contain multiple questionnaires or components, each requiring a separate set of instructions. Respondents may need to skip to certain questions or blocks of questions based on their answers to other questions. Certain questions may need to be completely removed from the survey depending on responses to other questions. Using several fully-implemented, complex surveys as examples, this intermediate-level workshop demonstrates how to implement these conditional paths for respondents, improving the user experience and ensuring that the right people are presented with the right questions. The workshop also covers how to use the Qualtrics tools for managing the look and feel of a survey as well as the inclusion of instructions and welcome/termination messages. Good, evidence-based survey design practices are shared.

Learning Outcomes

Following this session, you will be able to...

  • Use page breaks and question blocks to control survey item presentation
  • Add a Back button to a multi-page survey
  • Allow respondents to save incomplete surveys and finish them later
  • Add, edit, and remove simple skip and display logic within and across question blocks
  • Combine question blocks, skip logic, and display logic to configure complex paths through surveys
  • Test all paths for logic errors
  • Add Descriptive Block survey items for presenting instructions
  • Appy a WSU or Qualtrics theme to your survey
  • Change the survey font style and size for questions and choices
  • Add a unique header and footer information, including a logo
  • Add and edit welcome, thank you, and termination messages

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