World Community Grid Installation (PC)

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  • Click "Continue"
  • Choose your projects


  • Download the software. Do not use the software from World Community Grid. We are using the BOINC client. Download the software from http://boinc.berkley,edu/. Click on "Download Software".


  • Once you download the software you need to install it.
    • Click "Next", "Next" until the installer finishes.
    • Click on "Launch the BOINC Manager".
    • Click "Finish".

  • You will need to add a project.


  • Click "Next"
  • Scroll down to World Community Grid
    • Click "Next"


  • Enter the "Username" and "Password" you created in Step 3
    • Click "Next"
    • Click "Finished
  • The final step is to join the Winona State team.
  • Log in with you username and password
  • On the left hand side
    • Click on "My Team"
    • Click on "Find A Team"
    • Type in "Winona State"


  • Click on the first result,Winona State, and click on "Join This Team"
  • Welcome to the WSU World Community Grid Team!!