Access network storage from off campus

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How do I access my network storage off-campus?

To access your network storage (Department drive S:/ or Personal drive R:/) from off-campus you will need to do the following:

  • Have a WSU laptop. This cannot be done from a personal device.
  • Multi-factor Authenticator account installed for VPN. Step 2 on this page: VPN for Employees

You will first need to connect to your VPN client Cisco AnyConnect. Next follow steps below:

Windows 10

  • Open your Start Menu and click the "Click to Map Network Drives" tile located at the top middle of the screen
  • Re-open your Start Menu and click the "File Explorer" tile in the middle of the screen
  • Your network storage drives will be located under the "Network locations" heading. You may have to scroll down to find it.
Fig 2. Here is a sample of the server addresses you may need to connect to.


  • In Finder, press and hold the <Command> key then tap the <K> key to bring up the "Connect to Server" prompt
  • Connect to one of the network locations listed in Fig 2.
  • Just copy/paste one of the addresses below if your list is not pre-populated
  • Personal storage: smb://
  • Department drive: smb://