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Mobile Devices
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What is AirWatch?

AirWatch is a mobile app that provides device security and can manage other apps, email, content, and device settings. AirWatch saves you time and money by allowing WSU to purchase and push apps to your device at no additional cost to you. AirWatch also allows us to track the device if it is reported as being lost or stolen. Think of it almost like security software for your iPad.

If AirWatch is removed, you may not have access to apps and settings you need to use your iPad for class. You may also lose mobile access to campus resources such as wi-fi and your school email. Please ensure AirWatch is configured successfully on your device simply by clicking on the AirWatch app icon. If you see two green checkmarks, you’re good! If you see any other indicators, it may be beneficial to you to contact technical support to ensure AirWatch is set up and running correctly.

AirWatch provides:

  • mobile security
  • mobile application management
  • mobile email management
  • mobile device management
  • mobile content management

Additionally AirWatch can:

  • Save you time and money by purchasing and pushing paid apps to your iPad or WSU Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for free.
    • For example, say you need three apps for a Chemistry class, AirWatch can automatically add those apps to your tablet when you enroll in the class, then remove them when you’re done with the class.
  • Automatically determine your settings for WSU email, contacts, calendars, VPN, etc.
  • Give you one-click access to WSU websites such as MyWSU, eHome, D2L, etc.
  • Track the device if it is reported as lost or stolen (WSU will NOT track the device for any other reason.)
  • Push WSU security settings, for example to block/blacklist known malicious apps.
    • WSU will only block apps that are known to infect or compromise a mobile device.
    • WSU will not block the installation of any legitimate apps or websites.
  • Think of it almost like antivirus for your tablet. It simply ensures WSU can protect the device.

Why was AirWatch installed on your tablet

AirWatch fulfills our campus requirement for management of mobile devices. It allows WSU to push apps that students or teachers may need for specific classes. When those classes are over WSU can then remove that app, saving space on the iPad.

How Do I Enroll in AirWatch On My iPad?

  1. Open Safari
  2. Type in ""
  3. Enter your WSU credentials
  4. Choose "Install" to Install Profile"
  5. Choose "Install Now" on the pop up window
  6. Hit "Install Now" on the warning screen
  7. Hit "Done" when it says Profile Installed

How Do I Enroll in Enroll in AirWatch On My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Type Airwatch into the search bar.
  3. Select Airwatch MDM Agent once it pops up.
  4. Press Install, and Accept and Download.
  5. If an App Permissions box appears, press accept.
  6. Press 'Ok' on the 'Update Apps automatically when on Wi-Fi box appears.
  7. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button.
  8. Open Chrome.
  9. Type in "".
  10. Enter your WSU credentials.
  11. Choose "Activate" to Activate Profile".
  12. You will be prompted to input a passcode, choose to enter a pin.
  13. Return to your home screen by pressing the Home button.
  14. Open the AirWatch Agent app.
  15. Select WiFi certificate install from the notifications menu.
  16. Select 'Ok' when the Certification Installation box appears.
  17. Select 'Ok' when the Certification name box appears.
  18. Return to your Home screen by pressing the Home button.
  19. Open Settings and choose Wi-Fi from the Wireless and Network menu on the left.
  20. Select Warrior and choose Forget.
  21. Select Warrior again. Where it says CA Certificate choose CN=CERT, DC=winona,DC=edu.
  22. Enter your WSU username in the identity box, the Anonymous identity box can be left empty.
  23. Scroll down to Password and enter your WSU password in the password box.
  24. Press 'Connect'.