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Caution.JPG REVISION IN PROGRESS: This article contains useful information, but is being revised to reflect recent updates. Direct questions to TLT (tlt@winona.edu).

About this article

Chat can be used with anyone in the Minnstate System. All faculty, staff and students can be searched for to setup chats with them. Chats are private and they are not associated with Posts that are done inside of individual Teams. Chats can be one-on-one, with multiple people or a saved group of people.

Start a Chat in Teams

  • Open Teams and Use the Chat icon in the left nav
  • Start a New chat with the icon at the top of the Chat column. You can start one-on-one or group chats.


After the To: type in the last name of who you want to Chat with, you can add more than one name in this list. You can also start Chats by selecting someone from your list of previous conversations.


Type a new message field is now at the bottom of the screen.


Below the message field, there are options that you can use for the formatting of your message or ability to add GIFs and Emoji’s.

Create a Group Chat

If you have multiple people that you want to chat with, you can create a Group. Select the new chat icon at the top, next click on the down arrow in the far right to Create Group. Fill in the Group name and then add people to the group.


For more information on using Chat and Posts in Teams.

Start a Video Call from Chat

Once you have started a Chat and added who you want to chat with, you can then start a video chat. Select the video icon in the upper-right corner.