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About this article

This article includes information about the D2L Binder app for iOS and Android devices. It is intended for WSU students, but may also be of interest to instructors who would like to see how using Desire2Learn and wanting to work on assignments on their tablet devices.

Annotating a document

D2L Binder contains a set of annotation tools that allow a student to add personalized markings directly to documents from Brightspace and store documents with the markings to personalized folders within the app.

The annotation bar consists of six tools, starting from the left to right: Comment, Magnifying Glass, Settings, Bookmark, Book Pages and Layout.

Annotation Bar .png

1. Comment

The Comment tool pulls up a side bar that appears on the left side of the screen with additional tools.

  • Located at the top of the side bar is the T-box tool that allows you to highlight, underline and strike text within the document. (Hold your finger down over the highlighted or marked text to add comment boxes that automatically associate the comments directly to the specific annotations).
  • Next, the Text Box tool adds a text box Post-It style note on the submission. (This note can move freely throughout your document, not associating with specific annotations).
Binder Comment Annotations .png
  • The Highlighter tool allows you to mark up documents by free hand. Colors and line thickness can be selected for the highlighter.
  • The Marker tool allows you to mark up documents by free hand. Colors and line thickness can be selected for the marker. (It should be noted that there are also comment boxes available within the Highlighter and Marker tools that associate the comments directly to the specific annotations).
Binder Highlighter .png

2. Magnifying Glass

The Magnifying Glass tool searches individual words throughout the document. The words will appear yellow everywhere that word is found in your document.

Binder Magnifying .png

3. Settings

The Settings tool allows you to show or hide your annotations made on the document.

4. Bookmark

The Bookmark tool does just as you would expect. By clicking the bookmark, it sends that page to the book pages.

5. Book Pages

By clicking on the Book Pages tool you will find a list of your saved bookmarked pages. Next to the bookmarks you will find a list of all your annotations made on your document.

Binder Bookmark.png

6. Layout

When clicking the Layout tool, all pages of your document will be displayed.

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