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What are Clickers?

Personal response systems (sometimes called clickers, classroom response system, student response system, or audience response system) are technologies that allow faculty to ask for feedback in larger groups, assess student knowledge, and incorporate with other instructional strategies to bring new dimensions to the learning we can accomplish. Most commonly we see this technology used for conducting low stakes polls or quizzes in class. The learners in these situations would have a unique clicker and respond to questions posted by faculty. Typically, these responses are automatically captured and can be shared with the class in real time. Most systems also tagged responses with unique student identifiers so faculty can easily import and track of student performance on assignments.

Does WSU have a standard clicker technology we support and use?

Turning Tech logo.JPG

Yes, we now use Turning Technology as our standard for clickers technologies.

What type of clickers options do we have at WSU?

While Turning Technologies has many solutions to choose from we have selected three options that faculty can choose from to best meet their learning objectives for their courses. We offer at the WSU book store and online the ResponseCard NXT, ResponseCard RF, and ResponseWare. These three options are covered in detail below.

ResponseCard NXT


The NXT is ideal for conducting self-paced tests and summative assessments. The NXT has all the functionality of the lower end RF keypads, with advanced capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for short answer and essay questions. The other advantage of the NXT is that it allows students to do self-paced individualized assessments. The key questions types for this device: Multiple Choice Numeric Response True/False Multiple Response Fill-in-the-Blank Short Essay For more about this device you can go to the Turning Technologies page for more information about NXT

For a video demonstration of the NXT click here

The ResponseCard NXT User Guide is an excellent summary of all the functions of this device.

ResponseCard RF

Rc rf 110.jpg

The basic ResponseCard RF is a lightweight, easy to use tool that confirmation students answers through two-way communication. Successful transmissions are acknowledged on the participant's keypad via a three second long visual green light signal. The RF model, however, is only able to to multiple choice and true/false questions. For more about this device you can go to the Turning Technologies page for more information about ResponseCard RF ResponseCard RF FAQ


Responseware iphone 110.jpg

With this option students can use their cell phones and laptops to participate actively in class. ResponseWare allows faculty to present a question during class and have students respond in real-time using a Wi-Fi or data connection. ResponseWare instantly transfers their selection for immediate assessment. There is no special software required to install or configure as this is done via the web. This solutions is also convenient for students as they do not need the an additional card device and is able to answer all the question of the NXT device. For more about this device you can go to the Turning Technologies page for more information about ResponseWare

For extensive video resources for ResponseWare click here ResponseWare FAQ

How do I get one of these clickers for my class?

All of the above Turning Technology solutions are now available over at the WSU Bookstore or can be ordered online at the Student Store and enter the WSU code UMy7. However, before you buy please check with your instructor to make sure you have the correct option for your class.

How do I get my Turning Technology registered and enroll in my class?

Before You Begin

You will need:

  • Purchase to purchase one of the above Turning Technologies options.
  • Obtain your professors WSU email address

Steps to Register and Enroll

Step 1

Reg Step 1.jpg

  1. Go to Turning Technologies Student Registration Page
  2. Provide Device ID
    1. ResponseCard: Your Device ID can be found on the back of your ResponseCard
    2. ResponseWare: The Device ID can be found at the bottom of the ResponseWare page after you have logged in.
  3. Enter First Name
  4. Enter Last Name
  5. Skip Other Information
  6. Enter Text from the image and click Next

Step 2

Reg Step 2.jpg

  1. Enter instructor's email address
  2. Select class(es) you are taking from this professor add it to the list on the right and click Next to and confirm information is correct.

Step 3

Reg Step File3.jpg

You can click Back to correct any information you have erroneously selected.

Does every class use a clicker?

Individual faculty members determine if they require their students to utilize a clicker. Students will be informed by their instructors if a clicker will be needed for a specific class.

Do I have to pay for the clicker every semester?

All pricing information can be obtained from the Winona State University Bookstore. Typically, students purchase the hardware (or the actual clicker itself) only once and the software (i.e. ResponseWare) is purchase for only the courses you use this in.

How do I get more technical support for my clicker?



Faculty should feel free to go over to the Turning Technology articles regarding the technology and the utilization of this tool in their curriculum.