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About this article

This article includes information about the D2L Binder app for iOS and Android devices. It is intended for WSU students, but may also be of interest to instructors who would like to see how using Desire2Learn and wanting to work on assignments on their tablet devices.

The D2L Binder application

D2L Binder is a mobile application for iOS and Android that lets you bring assignments, resources, and all of your work together in one application that interfaces directly with Brightspace. Here are some of the features of D2L Binder:

  • Download assignments from D2L Brightspace courses for reading and annotation on the tablet. No need to print off assignments, mark them up, scan them and turn them in. Do it all on your tablet. (A stylus comes in handy for these operations.)
    • Binder Fetch allows learners to easily pull documents from the Desire2Learn Learning Environment directly into the Binder app.
    • Send to Binder allows learners to instantly push content from the Learning Environment directly to the Binder app.
  • Download, read and annotate electronic textbooks
    • D2L Binder includes a built-in eReader to make reading and annotating electronic textbooks easy.
    • The Book List widget serves as the point of discovery for eTextbooks, journals and other educational resources for both instructors and learners.
    • Binder Shop includes thousands of titles including textbooks and study guides from a growing number of the world’s top academic publishers, with rent or buy options.

The Related Links section below contains additional information on Binder.

Downloading and Installing Binder on a Tablet

There are three steps in installing and configuring D2L Binder:

  • Create an EduDentity account.
  • Download and install the Binder application.
  • Connect your Binder application to the WSU D2L instance.

For more information on creating an EduDentity account, visit the EduDentity Account instruction article.

For more information on installing and connecting Binder from an iPad, refer to the Installing and Connecting the D2L Binder on iPads article.

For more information on installing and connecting Binder from an Android tablet, visit the Installing and Connecting D2L Binder on Android Tablets article.

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