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(Video Recipients:)
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==e-Jingle Recipients==
==e-Jingle Recipients==
*[https://soundcloud.com/winonastatedlc/take-it-out-plug-it-in-nathaniel-deboer-wsu-stuent Take It Out, Plug It In - Nathaniel DeBoer.] He used a WSU Macbook Air, Audacity, an acoustic guitar, and microphone.
*[https://mywsu.winona.edu/forms/its/TLT/Lists/eCompetition%20Submission%20Form/Attachments/176/What%20Can%20I%20Do%20With%20My%20iPad%20-%20Ted%20Cullen.mp3 Red Cullen, What Can I Do With My iPad]
*[https://mywsu.winona.edu/forms/its/TLT/Lists/eCompetition%20Submission%20Form/Attachments/192/WSU%20Jingle%20Schneider_mixdown.mp3 Kimberly Schneider, WSU Tablet: Use it Your Way]
*[https://soundcloud.com/winonastatedlc/my-tablet-nathaniel-deboer-wsu-student My Tablet! - Nathaniel DeBoer.]  He used Garage Band, WSU iPad Mini, hooked up to a microphone and a guitar with GarageBand built in drums, piano, and bass.
*[https://mywsu.winona.edu/forms/its/TLT/Lists/eCompetition%20Submission%20Form/Attachments/178/Winona%20State%20Jingle.mp3 Chad Kerbst, iPath to Success]
*[https://soundcloud.com/winonastatedlc/got-an-ipad-will-rusch-wsu-student Got An iPad? - Will Rusch.]  He used GarageBand.
*[https://soundcloud.com/winonastatedlc/convenience-and-connection-joshua-rumppe-wsu-student Convenience and Connection - Joshua Rumppe.] He used GarageBand.

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Theme: How I Use My WSU Tablet

2015-2016 $1,000.00 Scholarship Recipients

Below are the E-Warrior Aspen Capital Scholarship e-Competition recipients for 2015-2016.

Digital Photography Recipients


Laptop Cover Skin Design Recipients

2015-6 CoverSkin Recipients1.png

Video Recipients:

e-Jingle Recipients