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(Student Workers)
(Student Workers (STARS))
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* Michael Desch
* Michael Desch
* Yen Lee
* Yen Lee
* Maria Perozo
* Bradley Budnick
* Prajay Rana
* Prajay Rana
* Charlie Utzman
* Charlie Utzman

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"Laptop Technology Training/Support for all WSU Students ... By Students for Students"

About The DLC

The Digital Learning Commons or DLC (formerly known as the Digital Learning Center) at Winona State University supports student with their technology issues. We will be moving to Krueger Library 1st floor this fall.

What We Do

  • Color printing and laminating
  • Student software technology questions
    • 1:1 technology support
    • Classroom projects technology support
  • Basic troubleshooting of hardware issues

Our Hours

DLC Times.jpg

DLC Staff

Full Time

Student Workers (STARS)

  • Jemimah Akhimien
  • Teagan Bertz
  • Lucas Credi Nogueira De Lima
  • Amir Hossain
  • Michael Desch
  • Yen Lee
  • Bradley Budnick
  • Prajay Rana
  • Charlie Utzman
  • Shaffaq Zaveri